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European UnionTALOS is an international research project co-funded by the European Commission (EC) under the 7th Framework Programme in Security priority.

Our digital agency created for TALOS project official website

Project details:

Client:: Warsaw Institute of Technology
Project: TALOS EU Border Protection System
URL: www.talos-border.eu
Type of project: official website
Language: English english language
Channels: Internet, PDA
Range of services:
  • Web systems consulting
  • Preparation of CMS specification
  • Project of content management system
  • Implementation of configurable CMS template
  • Server activation
  • Creation of documentation


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... We have chosen Intermedium digital agency from other companies of similar profile, not only because of wide range of offered services or professional website but also because clear understanding of our needs as a customer, friendly and competent staff as well as high level of experience in designing web systems…

References sign by Director of WIT:
Prof. dr hab. inż Krzysztof Arczewski

TALOS – EU Border Protection System

TALOS - EU Border Protection System is an international project, whose main goal is to develop an autonomous system of European Union border protection using fully automated and unmanned robots operating on both land and air.

TALOS project consortium is formed of experienced research teams from industry, research and academia from Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Israel, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey.

TALOS project consortium is formed of experienced research teams from industry, research and academia from Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Israel, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey

Our digital agency created for TALOS project official website, whose main task is to present information about this project to the public. TALOS website is entirely based on the content management system Inter CMS. It is a system on which all our projects implementations are based and also in this case our web solutions turned out to be indispensable again.

digital agency created Automatic presentation of content digital agency created Formatting and data sorting digital agency created Content in the form of bookmarks digital agency created horizontal and vertical tabs

Automatic presentation of content

In order to improve the management of TALOS website, in particular the area corresponding to the presentation of information, an automatic system of content presentation was implemented. Every article immediately after the submission to the database via the administration panel is automatically presented on the homepage and other web pages as short introduction with read more link to full article content.

With this approach, the CMS in a friendly way always presents the latest information’s in a specially designed for this purpose modules, thus the work of administrators is significantly simplified.

Formatting and data sorting

TALOS news website due to the type of information published has been equipped with a variety of tools for content formatting and sorting.

Sortable tables

Sorting any kind of table data is being held through an innovative and easy to operate solution. Each user can sort thousands of records based on criteria set by the administrator without any server use.

Content in the form of bookmarks

To avoid the formation of long web pages and to improve readability of the content display, bookmarks functionality in the horizontal and vertical tabs was implemented.

The administrator for both the tabs and sortable tables needs only insert special markup in order to use this functionality. In this way, the CMS system knows exactly where to generate different type of content in form of bookmarks or sortable data table.

All the above are only certain portion of TALOS official web site functionalities. In order to learn more about content management system, which was used in creating TALOS website go to the Inter CMS content management system
web page.



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