TALOS management platform with document's workflow system

European UnionTALOS is an international research project co-funded by the European Commission (EC) under the 7th Framework Programme in Security priority.

Our digital agency created for TALOS professional platform for information exchange connected with the documents workflow

TALOS - EU Border Protection System is an international project, whose main goal is to develop an autonomous system of European Union border protection using fully automated and unmanned robots operating on both land and air. TALOS project consortium is formed of experienced research teams from industry, research and academia from Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Israel, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey.

Our digital agency created for TALOS professional platform for information exchange connected with the documents workflow system. The main task of this type of web system is to support TALOS international members in their daily work.

Because of the confidentiality of the information, system has been developed in a way to allow access only to authorized members of TALOS project. In addition, to provide maximum security for data transmission encryption protocol SSL was implemented.

Once again, our content management system Inter CMS, on which we base all our web projects proved to be indispensable, even in such advanced web projects such as TALOS European Union Border Protection System.


our content management system Inter CMS, on which we base all our web projects proved to be indispensable

Any information relating to TALOS web platform, except for those that are publicly available on this web page are confidential. However, in order to learn more about content management system, which was used for creation of that platform, go to the Inter CMS system web page.

Project details:

Client: Warsaw Institute of Technology
Project: TALOS EU Border Protection System | Management Area
URL: TALOS members only
Type of project: platform for information exchange with the documents workflow
Language: English english language
Chanells: Internet - SSL protocol, PDA | member access only
Range of services:
  • Web systems consulting
  • Preparation specification
  • Project of content management system
  • Implementation of documents workflow subsystem
  • Server activation using SSL protocol
  • Creation of documentation


Reference Letter

full text

... We want to express satisfaction with the quality of services provided by Intermedium digital agency located in Warsaw Poland. Cooperation with Intermedium concerned development and implementation of web systems supporting international TALOS partners in their daily work.

... We have chosen Intermedium digital agency from other companies of similar profile, not only because of wide range of offered services or professional website but also because clear understanding of our needs as a customer, friendly and competent staff as well as high level of experience in designing web systems…

All of this indicates that Intermedium digital agency is a reliable partner providing services in professionally and fairly way, with respect for the interests of the Client. Expressing appreciation for the achievements of the company, we will be gladly to recommend Intermedium services, especially to those who are looking for a reliable provider of internet solutions.

Reference Letter sign by Director of Warsaw Institute of Technology:
Prof. dr hab. inż Krzysztof Arczewski

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