City Self-Storage Packaging Center - feature-rich online store

Using our long term experience in the e-commerce field we have created modern online store for City's Self-Storage Packaging Center

Project details:

Client:: City Self-Storage
Project: Packaging Center
URL: http://www.ekartony.pl
Type of project: online store
Language: Polish Polish language
Channels: Internet, PDA
Range of services:
  • Consulting for e-commerce systems
  • Preparation of online store specification
  • Project of content management system with shopping cart
  • Implementation of configurable e-shop template
  • Product database import
  • Online store integration with payment getaways
  • Online store server activation


digital agency Reference letter

full text

Intermedium digital agency brilliantly integrated internet store with City Self-Storage comprehensive marketing strategy. Our needs were understood well, and professionally accomplished.

At each stage of online store development we had full information about the project. All the works have been delivered honesty and in accordance with established deadlines.

Specialized knowledge and high competence in combination with reliable information and honest way to provide services, make Intermedium digital agency a reliable business partner, which I would like to knowingly recommend.

Reference letter sign by General Manager:
Marzenna Tusza

City Self-Storage

City Self-Storage is one of the leading self-storage operators in Europe. The company is private which creates, develops and manages modern self-service stores that offer storage space for both private individuals and small and medium-sized businesses. City Self-Storage stores are located in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and Poland.

City Self-Storage next to storage services is also managing shops with packaging materials with wide range of cartons, tapes, bubble wraps, foils and other materials needed for packaging, transporting and storaging.

digital agency Intermedium created modern online store for City's Self-Storage

Using our long term experience in the e-commerce field we have created modern online store for City's Self-Storage Packaging Center www.ekartony.pl. This feature-rich and easy to operate e-shop was developed by combining our shopping cart software with the best online marketing practices.

Effective exposition of store assortment

feature-rich and easy to operate e-shopshopping cart software with the best online marketing practices

Shop’s home page was equipped with an application to dynamically create slides in the form of bookmarks. With this solution in effective way, main areas of the Packaging Center was presented. Assortment of shop was divided into six main product categories.

Clicking on each category displays all products assigned to that category. However, further exploration of the product range presents detailed information about the product.

The page containing detailed information about the product is equipped with the product illustrations that can be zoomed on the entire screen.

To enrich e-shop usability, configurable "related products" feature was introduced to present current browsing category related products that can also interest Customer.

In order to improve all products fast browsing "list of all products" on one webpage was implemented with the ability one button "add to cart".

Purchase area of online store

All webpage’s of products have built-in navigation among other products, thus Customers can learn quickly the details of all products browsing category contains.

At each stage of product browsing, customers have a mini shopping cart with full information on added products, their quantities, prices, and the total amount of the order digital agency online store payment getaways shopping cart digital agency online store Delivery Methods shopping cart

At each stage of product browsing, customers have a mini shopping cart with full information on added products, their quantities, prices, and the total amount of the order.

This solution helps customers monitor the final value of the order and also directs to more advanced cart where customers can modify the whole order, or begin the process of ordering.

Payments Getaways

Packaging Centre was fully integrated with polish online payment authorization service eCard. This allows each customer placing an order choosing the most convenient payment method for him, and by the Authorization service in a few seconds make payment for ordered products.

Delivery Methods

Online shop beside the authorization getaway payment also offers other payment methods such as: cash at delivery by courier, or cash at delivery at chosen City Self-Storage office.

In addition, the e-shop was equipped with support for multiple modes of delivery of ordered products, so in order to link the delivery method with payment methods a mechanism for mapping was implemented, where the customer can specify the most convenient delivery method in conjunction with payment methods.

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website design CMS content management system digital agency PolandInter CMS is an innovative content management system, which is based on intuitive and easy to use mechanisms. Inter CMS allows to manage whole website even for those who have minimal knowledge of the basic text editor handling. It is so simple ...



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e-commerce software CMS content management system internet store e-shop digital agency PolandInter SHOP is a professional e-commerce software for online stores to enable full automation of sales transactions over the Internet. With many innovative functionalities Inter SHOP is surely an indispensable solution for every businesses.



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