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You can reach at low cost thousands of customers by using email marketing campaigns

Our email marketing software offers everything needed to run successful email campaigns. You can create and send email campaigns instantly, track the results and manage your subscribers.

Just import your custom HTML and CSS or use build-in email templates with a single click, then define list of subscribers and email campaign is ready to go. It's so simple.

Detailed reports and Analytics features

After the email marketing campaign is send you can see exactly who opened your email and when from the campaign statistics panel. You can view the last 7 days, last 30 days or even a custom date range. Our email marketing software will even show you what kind of email clients your subscribers are using.

Email Personalization

Personalize your email marketing campaign using custom fields such as first name, last name, company name etc. You can easily extend your lists by any type of data about your subscribers and when constructing email template you can easily insert them into email content using tags.

Only pay when you send

You can create as many different mailing lists as you need for free. We don’t charge monthly fees, you only pay per email when you send an email campaign.

Our email marketing software powerful features

Customizable Templates eemail marketing software email campaign mailingCustomizable Templates NEW
Import your own or chose / customize
the look of any build-in templates
Subscribers Management email marketing software email campaign mailing Subscribers Management
You have full control over users data and you can export or import user lists easily
Only pay when you send email marketing software email campaign mailingOnly pay when you send
We don’t charge monthly fees, you only pay when you send an email campaign
Email Personalization email marketing software email campaign mailingEmail Personalization NEW
Store any data on subscribers and easily insert them into email content using tags
Flexible data importing email marketing software email campaign mailingFlexible data importing
You can easily import any existing contacts from Microsoft Excel, Outlook or even a CSV file
Suppression lists email marketing software email campaign mailingSuppression lists
All unsubscribe requests or bounced emails are processed automatically
Segments email marketing software email campaign mailingSegments NEW
Select recipients by filtering groups of subscribers based on your own criteria
Link Click Tracking email marketing software email campaign mailingLink Click Tracking NEW
You can see who exactly opened your email, which links were clicked, and when
Unsubscribe link email marketing software email campaign mailingUnsubscribe link
Allows your recipients to unsubscribe if they chose so by one single link click
Google Analytics Integration email marketing software email campaign mailingGoogle Analytics Integration
You can use your Google Analytics account and track all links in your email campaign

Our digital agency offers full email marketing services. Our job, in particular, is:

  • preparation of newsletter graphics
  • copywriting
  • development of newsletter universal HTML code for common email programs
  • campaign segmentation
  • tracking effectiveness of the campaign
  • effects tracking
  • reports of effectiveness preparation
  • maintenance of mailing system

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