Inter SHOP | professional shopping cart

multi-currency online store

The possibility of placing orders in different currencie

Product price variations

Setting different prices for different customers groups

Product search engine

Built-in advanced search engine with filters

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Selling products automatically using Inter SHOP e-commerce software

Inter SHOP key features:

Simple Administration

From one place through the graphical user interface you can manage all the mechanisms responsible for entire online store

online store ecommerce software shopping cart administration panel
Delivery Options

Clients' can determine how they wish ordered products to be supplyed

online store ecommerce software shopping cart Delivery Options
Order Management

From the administration panel you can easly manage placed orders, order history, IP addresses, and many others

online store ecommerce software shopping cart order management
Online payments Gateways

The ability to use online payment Gateways such as PayPal, authorize.net®, 2Checkout, eWay, Worldpay, PayMate and NoChex.

What is Inter SHOP ?

Inter SHOP is a professional e-commerce software for online stores to enable full automation of sales over the Internet.

Inter SHOP contains everything needed to run the sales channel consisting of thousands of product divided into multiple categories as well as consisting only of few products.

Inter SHOP has been specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of online business. Thanks to the team work of programmers, analysts, consultants, e-commerce and e-marketing experts perfect shopping cart solution for e-stores was created.

With many innovative functionalities controlled from an intuitive administration panel Inter SHOP often surpasses other shopping cart solutions on the market.

Store management using web browser

All you need to work with Inter SHOP online store is access to the Internet and any web browser. This gives all persons responsible for store managing instant access to the administrative panel for 24 / 7 from anywhere in the world.

Product updates as well as online store management is based on an intuitive and easy to use graphic interface. This allows the management of complex online shop mechanisms by people who just starting work with the system as well as professionals with many years of experience in the ecommerce field.

Integration with online Payment Gateways

Inter SHOP enables integration with all commonly used online payment Gateways. Every customer placing an order now has the option to choose the most convenient method of payment. In addition, using a special mechanism Inter SHOP can be integrated with most popular price comparisons.

Inter SHOP and Inter CMS in one!

Inter SHOP shopping cart software can function as an independent online shop, however, by combining Inter SHOP with content management system Inter CMS you can build a multi-purpose website.

The times in which companies had to use two systems to achieve business goals long ago passed into oblivion. Now, thanks to a single system it is possible to integrate company’s website with online store.

Management of this type of integrated web system is conducted  via a single administration panel, from which you can easy access all the mechanisms responsible for the functioning of both the online shop and company’s website.

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e-commerce software CMS content management system internet store e-shop digital agency PolandInter SHOP is a professional e-commerce software for online stores to enable full automation of sales transactions over the Internet. With many innovative functionalities Inter SHOP is surely an indispensable solution for every businesses.



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