Online store for Nobilis publishing house

Wydawnictwo Nobilis sklep internetowy


Online store  for publishing house

... We are recommending with pleasure Intermedium.pl interactive agency as a proven and reliable business partner.

We are convinced that the choice of Intermedium.pl interactive agency will be beneficial for those who expect high quality services and professional solutions tailored to individual needs at a competitive price.

Reference letter sign by Nobilis printing house owner :
Mr. Krzysztof Sobieraj


Effectownia Hair Design by Jaros?aw P?czek Sp. J

Effectownia Hair Design by Jaros?aw P?czek website


Hair Salon exclusive  website

... Effectownia Hair Design by Jaros?aw P?czek Sp. J. is pleased to give recommendations for Intermedium.pl Digital Agency

A characteristic feature of Intermedium.pl agency is the high quality of services and focus on details which in our case has resulted in website that reflects the prestige and atmosphere of our hair salon.

A reference letter issued by the Management of Effectownia Sp.J.:
Jaros?aw P?czek, Klaudiusz Kowalczyk


City Self-Storage | Packaging Center

City Self-Storage internet store e-commerce system for the Packaging Center


Internet store  Packaging Center

... With a professional e-commerce solutions offered by Intermedium digital agency we could expand our business and fully utilize modern channels for product distribution.

Specialized knowledge and high competence in combination with reliable information and honest way to provide services, make Intermedium digital agency a reliable business partner, which I would like to knowingly recommend.

Reference letter sign by City Self-Storage General Manager:
Marzenna Tusza


Warsaw Institute of Technology | TALOS EU Project

Warsaw Institute of Technology TALOS EU



... Intermedium digital agency is a reliable partner providing services in professionally and fairly way, with respect for the interests of the Client. Expressing appreciation for the achievements of the company, we will be gladly to recommend Intermedium services, especially to those who are looking for a reliable provider of internet solutions.

Reference letter sign by Director of Warsaw Institute of Technology:
Prof. dr hab. in? Krzysztof Arczewski


CMS System for business

website design CMS content management system digital agency PolandInter CMS is an innovative content management system, which is based on intuitive and easy to use mechanisms. Inter CMS allows to manage whole website even for those who have minimal knowledge of the basic text editor handling. It is so simple ...



E-commerce solutions

e-commerce software CMS content management system internet store e-shop digital agency PolandInter SHOP is a professional e-commerce software for online stores to enable full automation of sales transactions over the Internet. With many innovative functionalities Inter SHOP is surely an indispensable solution for every businesses.



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