Inter CMS | content management system

intuitive administration panel

Full control over the website from a single control panel

easy to use text editor

Creating and editing content is now extremely easy

without any programming skills

you can fully manage the entire website

system zarządzania treścią tworzenie stron www projektowanie stron internetowych Warszawa

Multipurpose Content Management System for business
and yet extremely easy to use

Example Projects

website design City Self-Storage

website design

cooperation with
City Self-Storage

website design Warsaw Institute of Technology

website design

Warsaw Institute of Technology

website design TALOS

website design

TALOS European Union Border Protection System

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Inter CMS content management system

Inter CMS content management system is a customizable platform for building professional websites. With our system you can individually administer whole website, make updates fast and by using administrative panel create new categories, web pages, menu items etc.

Inter CMS is specifically designed to meet the needs of demanding business. This system can handle websites consisting of many thousands of pages, even in multiple languages, but as well can serve smaller websites consisting of only a few pages.

Thanks to innovative functionalities Inter CMS supports internal processes of companies in areas such as management, marketing, administration, sales and even customer service. All this makes this system an indispensable tool for any business.

Easy website management

All you need to work with Inter CMS content management system is access to the Internet and any web browser. This allows all persons administering instant access to the corporate website for 24 / 7 from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to built-in powerful administrative panel, management of company website  becomes extremely simple. Just log in to the Inter CMS system, in order to take full control over the administration.

Website handling without programming

Every management activity is conducted by a specially designed graphical interface, which in practice means that, without any knowledge of programming and the HTML syntax you can fully manage the entire website from any web browser.

Inter CMS key features:

  • Management via the administration panel
  • Multilanguage support
  • Mailing campgains NEW
  • Build-in text editor
  • Galleries Management
  • Changeable web templates
  • Chat - online communication NEW
  • Managing user profile
  • Menu Manager
  • Search Engine Friendly URL's NEW
  • Google Maps
  • Google Analytics
  • Paid access to website content
  • Industry DirectoriesNEW
  • Custom Page 404
  • Form Wizard
  • Built-in FTP ManagerNEW
  • Webpages Manager
  • Configurable website search
  • Comments on websites
  • Onlie community support NEW
  • RSS Feeds
  • META Tags
  • Forums

tworzenie stron internetowych system zarządzania treścią CMS MySQLtworzenie stron internetowych system zarządzania treścią CMS PHP

Inter CMS hosting software integrity

Inter CMS system is based on the most popular Internet technologies such as PHP and MySQL. It can be installed on any software platform used by hosting companies, or locally for intranet purposes.

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CMS System for business

website design CMS content management system digital agency PolandInter CMS is an innovative content management system, which is based on intuitive and easy to use mechanisms. Inter CMS allows to manage whole website even for those who have minimal knowledge of the basic text editor handling. It is so simple ...



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e-commerce software CMS content management system internet store e-shop digital agency PolandInter SHOP is a professional e-commerce software for online stores to enable full automation of sales transactions over the Internet. With many innovative functionalities Inter SHOP is surely an indispensable solution for every businesses.



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