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websites based on CMS systems

We are creating professional web sites especially suited for your Customers. For this purpose we use an innovative content management system Inter CMS combined with proven marketing strategies. Now, without any programming knowledge or HTML markup, you can fully manage your website through an
user friendly administration panel.

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reliable ecommerce software for stores

We're supplying systems for online stores to fully automate promotion and sales. Every implementation is based on a reliable e-commerce system Inter Shop, which enables rapid completion of order and immediate payment methods. You can easily manage the entire online store through an intuitive
administration panel.

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effective online marketing services

We are offering professional services such as SEO, AdWords campaigns, mailing and other innovative instruments for the promotion of companies over the web. We use diversified approach to advertising campaigns, which means that we choose the optimum solutions that are bringing the highest
return on investment.

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Who are we and what we are specializing in

Intermedium digital agency is a company providing online marketing solutions for business. Our main goal is to create winning online communication strategies for our Clients by using advance marketing knowledge and best web technologies. In this area we offer a comprehensive services that enable our Clients to fully utilize the unlimited potential of the world wide web.

We are specializing in designing Business to Consumer and Consumer to Business interactivity. Our solutions are innovative concepts of competitive strategies, expressed through a combination of creativity, marketing expertise and cutting-edge Internet technologies.

Strategy with technology

We know that a properly designed marketing strategy is the driving force behind the expansion of any business, that's why we take an individual approach to every project by analyzing first our Clients market key success factors.

We are always using professional solutions and reliable web systems to achieve our Customers goals. Our projects implementations are based on powerful content management system Inter CMS, which is perfect solution for even very demanding websites configurations.

Creating emotions, which inspire to take action

We offer our Clients much more than just a professional execution of project. We specialize in the psychology of consumer choices, which makes our solutions tailored to the preferences of the project target group.

By using the emotional dimension of the web interactions we provide a powerful mechanism responsible for building corporate image on the Internet. In this way, we introduce a completely new approach for B2C network communication.

We are people with creative passion

Our team consists of young, creative, ambitious and well educated people who are professionals at utilizing the potential of Internet for business purposes. We never allow for elevation of style over substance, and always use technologies adequate to the requirements of the projects.

We are looking forward to doing business with you

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CMS System for business

website design CMS content management system digital agency PolandInter CMS is an innovative content management system, which is based on intuitive and easy to use mechanisms. Inter CMS allows to manage whole website even for those who have minimal knowledge of the basic text editor handling. It is so simple ...



E-commerce solutions

e-commerce software CMS content management system internet store e-shop digital agency PolandInter SHOP is a professional e-commerce software for online stores to enable full automation of sales transactions over the Internet. With many innovative functionalities Inter SHOP is surely an indispensable solution for every businesses.



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