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Pay Per Click links are most acceptable forms of online advertising today. Why ? PPC links are the least intrusive advertising method because they are designed in a way that dont disrupt internet browsing.

With Google AdWords you can reach customers interested in your products or services exactly when they are looking for them

All Internet users on a daily basis use search engines. One of most popular search engines is Google with high market penetration. Because of that launching PPC campaigns in Google gives great opportunity to reach customers interested in your products or services exactly when they are seeking them.


Google AdWords advantages


Google AdWords conditions

PPC sponsored links Google adWords Instantly launch of the Google AdWords advertising campaign PPC sponsored links Google adWords PPC advertising is displayed during the period for which fees are paid
PPC sponsored links Google adWords Displaying sponsored links on the first page of Google search results PPC sponsored links Google adWords Position in the advertising pit depends on the intensity of competitiveness and price for key words
PPC sponsored links Google adWords Incuring the cost only if the Customer clicks on a sponsored link PPC sponsored links Google adWords Typically, Internet users are viewing the first 10 - 20 results returned by search engines
PPC sponsored links Google adWords Flexibility by selecting keywords for the whole PPC campaign PPC sponsored links Google adWords Perceptions of the PPC sponsored links
as a form of advertising
PPC sponsored links Google adWords Fixed advertising budget, which can not be exceeded PPC sponsored links Google adWords Long-term PPC advertising requires incurring large financial investments

PPC Campaigns and Search Engine Optimization

PPC links and SEO make perfect tools for online promotion but when combined together simultaneously create synergy effect expressed by high website traffic and Consumer increased interest.

Our digital agency is offering full service Google AdWords campaigns, that is:

  • Selection of relevant keywords associated with the specificity of your business
  • Copywriting
  • PPC campaign launch
  • Maximization of results based on a defined budget
  • Management and monitoring of the campaign
  • Campaign results reporting
  • Making adjustments aimed at achieving the highest return on investment

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